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EYFS, or Early Years Foundation Stage, is a framework that sets the standards for learning and development, and it focuses on children from the time they’re born until they’re five years old. The belief is that children develop early, and how and what they learn in the first five years of their lives can have a large impact throughout the rest of their lives. You want to combine good parenting skills and high-quality early learning, so your child thrives and develops their interests, passions, and talents as they grow.

EYFS sets the standards for learning, care, and development requirements to which each facility must adhere and this ensures that every child learns in their own way, in a safe environment. The requirements follow these rules:

This program also has several overarching principles that our facility uses as guidelines to develop our curriculum, and this ensures that your children are getting positive, safe, and useful skills that can help them throughout their lives. These principals include:

Our program focuses on the fact that all areas of development and learning are connected and interwoven, but there are three main areas that are responsible for piquing your child’s interest and curiosity. Those three main areas are:

Our Difference

As we use the child-centered free play approach, our goal is to help your child develop in all aspects of their lives from the time they are born until they reach five years old. We’ve incorporated elements of the EYFS curriculum into our own curriculum to give your child a well-balanced, safe, and positive learning environment.

We’ve worked to bring together an outstanding teaching and support staff that dedicate themselves to bringing learning to life. They do this by making learning a positive and fun experience that we’ve designed to ignite your child’s natural curiosity. This curiosity will allow your child to develop their own passions and interests, and we will guide them through the process.

Our ‘green’ Early Learning School has a revolutionary curriculum that enables us to have over 50% of our campus outdoors. In turn, this allows your child to get exclusive hands-on learning opportunities they wouldn’t get in a traditional teaching setting. We also have outside learning environments in back and front of the classrooms that help to expose your children to a variety of situations including farming areas, musical sensory trees, a large outdoor water play area with a built-in sprinkler system, and mud kitchens.

Additionally, every staff member at our facility has had extensive and full Safeguard training, and this extends from the teaching staff to the Board of Directors. Every staff member has also completed full CPR training, pediatric first aid, and they hold international certifications. There is a certified nurse as part of our staff as well. All of our playground and classroom equipment comes from internationally reputable companies so you can be sure your child is safe while they’re learning.

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