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Raintree Kindergarten Sathorn

Raintree International School is a leading kindergarten nestled in lush, green spaces in Sathorn, Bangkok.

Founded in 2017, Raintree provides a progressive early childhood programme for children aged 1-6 years old. In a safe and nurturing environment, we combine the British curriculum with a Reggio Emilia inspired teaching philosophy. Above all, Raintree places a special emphasis on fostering creativity and collaboration, while developing each unique child within our family of lifelong learners.
To ensure the BEST START for our students, our curriculum is delivered by passionate, qualified teachers in purpose-built kindergarten learning spaces. At Raintree, we strive to ensure every child knows they are a valued member of our warm, supportive community.


“As one of the few purpose-built early years’ schools in the heart of Bangkok, our environment is specially designed to inspire learning while providing safe, stimulating, and age-appropriate facilities.”
Our school has been carefully designed in partnership with early years’ specialists to create a green environment that naturally fosters our learning community. In line with the Reggio Emilia Approach, we value the environment as the third teacher; the children learn not only from their peers and teachers, but also from their interactions within the environment. With its meaningful blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, our campus is designed to provide the children with access to a variety of experiences that not only support their physical development, but also encourage their exploration of the natural world.
Designed by a leading Thai architect specialising in sustainable design, the school building curves around the clusters of raintrees on the site to create two inner courtyards with naturally ventilated walkways. All classrooms are filled with natural daylight. The floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors also connect the class to the covered patios and the outdoor space beyond, extending the indoor space seamlessly into the outdoor environment.

Key Elements of our Learning Space

Library i

The Library is for structured exploration; introspection, engagement, consideration. A matrix of wooden boxes has been composed to not only house Raintree’s collection of books but also provide surface for gathering and exploring the contents of the library. Nooks, hidden cubbies, trays, and display cases present multiple opportunities for discovery, and rediscovery. A glass porch provides a bright, peaceful space with views up into the trees for reading and quiet engagement. The boxes continue outdoors into a stack arranged to encourage imaginative activities that are an extension of the books and stories inside; a small theatre for plays or impromptu character acting. During nice weather the children can read outside while sitting on the boxes, some have been flipped over and contain plants and shrubs to add some greenery and lushness to the space.

Indoor Gym

Sensory Studio i

The Sensory Studio is for open exploration; exuberance, physicality, imagination. The circular space of the Sensory Studio is conceived as an immersive environment that can temporarily exclude the outside world and engage the children in a variety of multimedia experiences. A downward facing projector can activate the floor of the studio with interactive experiences that can cover a wide variety of educational types of programs or environments; an underwater scene at an ancient ship wreck, a forest floor with instructional, shifting patterns for energetic dance party. The transparent domed ceiling is backlit by multicolored LEDs which can pump up the energy on that dance party or be toned down to create a quieter, dimmer space for children to play with the light studio equipment; overlapping coloured shapes and projected shadows can be created by the children to match a story line or simply be abstract play. The curved sliding doors of the space can then be opened up wide to reveal the windows and play corners. The space can then convert to a protected indoor play space for times of difficult weather. One corner will feature a set of the award winning “Big Blue Blocks”, think giant foam Legos. These blocks (made in USA with Diagram 3 biodegradable materials) have a series of interconnecting parts and can be used to create forts and structures fostering team work, problem solving and motor skills.

Curated Playground i

The front play yard is free play; exuberance, physicality, imagination. A large play structure connects together many different play opportunities. A wooden ramp leads up to an elevated walkway that connects to the centerpiece of the play yard; a nest sitting directly within the crook of one of our prized Raintrees. Children can be up close and personal with the surface and branches of the tree, playing within rather than just below. The nest has colored lenses and portals where the children can view out to specific vignettes or engage with their friends below. Also connected to the elevated walkway is a large, interactive kaleidoscope. The top surface is accessible here and children can make composition on a rotating surface for their friends below. A sense of cooperation and cause/effect are fostered here as children would run up and down to see both sides of the experience. The end of the walkway has a lookout point and features a curving, segmented slide that takes them back down and allows the structure to act as an energetic circuit as the children loop through the yard. Hanging under the walkway are several platform type swings. Supporting the kaleidoscope deck is a green, vine covered wall with a small portal that encourages more chasing, peek-a-boo type play and also features a hammered stainless steel mirror to be discovered on the back side. Supporting the far end of the walkway is a brick wall, its surface echoing traditional domestic architecture. Here a stack of wood acts as stairs on one side and a gap at the top allows children to step through on to another slide hanging from the side of the wall. The entire surface of the front play yard is smooth pebbles. The back play yard is structured play; introspection, engagement, consideration. A soft rubber track surrounds the main Raintree of the back play yard as well as a slightly elevated deck, providing an area for outdoor teaching, reading, or activities under the protective shade. A large circular sand pit features a large section of trunk preserved from one of the original on site trees perhaps providing a centerpiece for conversation about conservation and sustainability. The back edge of the play yard is defined by the long art deck and wall which allows for outdoor projects. Within the deck area are also several play stations. The Sun Lenses are a series of coloured disks that spin and overlap with the breeze, showing how different light colours interact and blend. The Shadow Wheels are two eccentric ovals of perforated patterns, activated by a hand cranked wheel the moiré pattern results in a mesmerizing shimmer as the shadows project on to the ground surface. The Sound Maker is positioned at the base of a tree ringed with gravel, the smooth pebbles activate a cacophony of sound as children drop them onto the perforated steel surface. The Abacus made with primitive materials provides a learning opportunity for simple math skills and historic methods of calculation. The main attraction of the back play yard is likely to be the water play station, an interactive waterfall-wall allows children to redirect streams of water as they cascade down. The water is then funnelled to a series of overlapping basins where various toys and tools can be used to manipulate, redirect, and simply splash.

Sand Play Area

Green Garden with large trees

Water Play Station

Organic Farm Area

Tree House

Climbing Wall

Exploration Studio

Well-being Room

Community Lounge

Cooking Studio


At Raintree, we are committed to fostering a nurturing community of young learners and their families. Book a School Tour to learn why these parents think we are Bangkok best preschool.


Visit Raintree Sathorn and meet our team to find out why our parents think we are the best kindergarten in Bangkok

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