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If you live in Bangkok then it can be tempting to want to accompany your little one to their nursery or kindergarten class and watch them explore the world around them. However, for various reasons, that’s often not practical.  So, we thought we’d invite you to learn what their day is like from beginning to end. We’ll run through a typical day in both our nursery class and our kindergarten. Come and join us as we enjoy a day of fun and learning at Raintree!  


Our day starts at 8:30 when our students arrive at school. It’s a time for them to play with their friends, say hello to their teachers and enjoy the garden as they settle in and get ready for a day of fun and activities. 

It’s also a time for teachers to catch up with parents. Keeping in regular contact is the best way to provide the continuity that can be so important for a young student. 

We have two nursery classes each day, both of which start at 9:00 and then end at 12:30 (Nursery 1), and 12:45 (Nursery 2). 

The 09:00 means it’s time to join in the morning dance before heading off to the classroom.

The first task of the morning is Welcome Time. This is the time say hello to everyone and share what’s happened since you last saw them. It’s a time for stories, songs, and a time to share any announcements about the upcoming day.   

At 9:30, the class heads out to take part in outside activities. The activities are planned to follow the student’s interests and changed every week to keep things fun. and lively These activities are usually held outdoors because they can get messy! The teachers set up a variety of activities, including water play, sand play, and messy play activities, where students are encouraged to explore without worrying about making a mess. That’s just part of the fun!

It’s now 10:00. After all the outdoor activities, our students have worked up a bit of an appetite. It’s the perfect time to relax and enjoy a 15-minute break with a healthy snack of fruit and milk as they talk with their friends and get ready to continue their day. 

Back in the classroom, the students settle in and begin to explore the world around them in the integrated studies portion of their day. They have access to various activities and projects they can take part in by themselves or in small groups. They also have the freedom to move around the classroom and try their hand at anything that catches their eye. And on some days there will even be special fun classes to enjoy, such as music, languages, P.E. and library time, where they’ll be read a story.

After integrated studies, it’s now 11:15 and time for lunch. The teachers and students eat together at Raintree. This provides an opportunity for the students to practice eating by themselves and demonstrating good meal-time manners and behaviour.   

After lunch ends at 11:45, the students dive back into another session of integrated studies and explore all the classroom activities they were too busy to have a go at before lunch. 

The morning nursery class ends at Raintree with Circle Time at 12:15. This is when the students gather in a circle, say goodbye and talk about their day; what happened that day, and what they’ll be looking forward to tomorrow. It’s also the time to share any stories they might want to tell. 

Then they sing the goodbye song, collect their bags and belongings (including any artwork they want to proudly show off to you) and head out to meet them. This also gives the teachers another opportunity to talk to family members and update them on the morning’s happenings.


A typical day at Raintree’s kindergarten class lasts a little longer than nursery class. By that age, students generally have a longer attention span and more energy which allows them to explore, discover and have fun learning for longer periods. 

The school day starts at 8:40 and ends at 13:45. Between these hours, we keep them happy and engaged with many activities that help them develop their skills while having lots of fun!

Arrival time is a chance for the students to say hello and play with their friends while their parents and caregivers chat with their teachers. 

At 8:40, the bell rings, and the students do a morning dance in the garden area together with their teachers before walking to the classroom. 

At 9:00, it’s Welcome Time, and students gather on the carpeted area of the classroom to sing the welcome song, share news from home, and talk about the exciting day ahead. They might talk about an upcoming birthday, what they saw on T.V. last night or anything they just can’t wait to share with the class! 

By 9:30, the students begin an integrated studies session. This is a fun time where they get to explore all the activities on offer within the classroom. They can skip around, trying a few activities to see what they enjoy, or they can choose just one activity that catches their attention – it’s up to them. They will be free to pursue activities by themselves, with a friend, or a small group. The activities are carefully selected by the teachers at Raintree to encourage independent learning and inspire students to explore their world. 

It’s now 10:00, and that means snack time at Raintree! Healthy fresh fruit and milk are always on the menu. This gives students the much-needed energy to get through the rest of their exciting day.

After snack time, it’s back to integrated studies for another 45-minute session. Integrated studies sometimes includes surprises such as P.E., languages, music or library time where the students are read a story. 

After spending the morning indoors, it’s time for a little fresh air at 11:00. Outdoor Play time lets students explore our natural outdoor area filled with trees, grass and very often, sunshine!

We have playground structures for students to climb, hang, scramble, run, swing and slide to their heart’s content. There’s plenty of room to invent their own games too, orplay a game that everyone recognises.

Physical play also helps develop children’s physical, motor, and problem-solving skills; plus, it’s fun to run around with your friends!

By 11:30, everyone’s worked up an appetite, so it’s time for lunch. The teachers always join students for lunch. They encourage them to try new foods their friends enjoy and not be timid about exploring different types of food. They also ensure that meal-time is also a social time, and encourage conversations about the food and where it might have come from. 

All the meals a student is served at Raintree are carefully planned and prepared to ensure every student eats a varied and healthy diet. Food allergies are, of course, always treated with the utmost care. 

Once lunch is finished, it’s time for another hour and a half session of integrated studies so students can explore any activities they missed in the morning sessions.

Then it’s Circle Time, where the students talk about their day and say goodbye until tomorrow when they can experience more fun at Raintree. 

After school, some students might choose to participate in the variety of after-school clubs on offer, such as gardening, cooking, yoga, and creative movement. These clubs provide new experiences and help broaden their interests. 

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a nursery or kindergarten class at Raintree, get in touch with us and schedule a tour of our classrooms and facilities. This will be the perfect time to answer any questions you might have about our programmes.

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